What to Know in Pedestrian Accidents

In the United States of America, pedestrian accidents are a huge problem. In California alone, 701 cases of pedestrian accidents that resulted in death have occurred. That is the highest number of pedestrian accident deaths in any state in all of 2017. It is not, however the highest per capita.

Los Angeles, Fresno, and San Francisco have had 76, 11, and 18 pedestrian accident fatalities in the same year. This problem is beginning to get out of hand as the United States is beginning to see anywhere between 4000 to 5000 deaths every year caused only because of pedestrian accidents. This does not even account for the number of people who lived but were injured to various degrees because of pedestrian accidents, which have begun reaching 60,000 in number. The department of Transportation has put the frequency of road accident deaths at once every 2 hours, and an injury at once every 8 minutes.

These are obscenely high numbers and the most you can do at this point is prepare for some proper help in case you or a loved one ends up, God Forbid, in a traffic accident. Now even if you have an insurance policy in place, you have to understand that you will need the support of a law firm like Ledger’s Law Firm, who you can reach at https://ledgerlaw.com, to help you in case something does happen. This might sound strange but an insurance company does not do all it can to help you. They mostly try to settle issues with the least amount of payments having to be made in case of such accidents. That is not the case with a law firm who build everything on being able to get you the proper compensation you or your family deserves in case something bad happens.