Top Electric Washers

Electric pressure washers are a great little alternate that you can use when you need to do a smaller wash job and do not want to use a bigger gas pressure washer. If you want to get it for personal use then an electric pressure washer is definitely the better option of the two as it is best suited to being used for smaller washes like for cars, decks, patios, bikes, or floors.

It even costs a lot less than your average gas pressure washer so that is definitely a plus point for many people who want it for personal use. The really great thing about these electric pressure washers is that they are very light, very easy to use, compact and easy to move about, and most importantly, very versatile. The electric pressure washers can have a lot of different features and accessories attached to them that can make the clean up process a lot easier.

In this article we will be discussing one of the top rated electric water pressure washers by Pressure Washer Tech, the AR Blue Clean AR383. This electric pressure washer is not just one of the best around, it is also environmentally friendly. This product has been made keeping in mind the global wastage of water and energy. It uses a lot less power to create a water pressure spray that can still rival all the other electric pressure washers. When talking about the ease of use that this washer gives you, it has a 20 foot long hose that has been made to sustain high pressure water flows. It also has a 35 foot electric cord extension that gives you even more free movement when you are using the hose. The model also comes with quite a few adjustable accessories that you can add.