The Way To Move It

A mid-Atlantic state which has waterways all about, Maryland has had history as a coastline with a major seaport settled in the city of Baltimore. And as it’s surrounded by all this abundant water, there are plenty of people who live there and love their water sports. Getting out a speedboat to cruise the ocean is a popular past time to those who have the means or the cash. But not everyone can live near the port or have their boat docked there for long periods of time. It can either be quite costly or else there are other boats that have taken up all the good parking spots.

Hence, if a vehicle capable of towing your cargo off to the water where it belongs is what you’re looking for. You’ve come to the right place. Some might think you need a powerful truck or ridiculously expensive SUV to be able to tow around whatever your cargo is but that isn’t quite the case. Little know however of another alternative which is just as viable, if not more, than the others. The Honda Pilot is a crossover SUV with three rows that has a high tolerance for the capacity it can tow.

Details are mentioned here at, but a rule of thumb is that depending on the trim you have, the towing capacity of your Honda Pilot can change. Even though pulling something like a yacht is fairly unlikely, this car of wonderful design can easily manage your boats and other such equipment like if instead you wanted to head out somewhere to camp but don’t have enough room to pack up all the equipment you need. A Honda Pilot has just the answers you’re looking for and is ready to go and tow.