The Prominent Features of a Kayak

If you love rivers, lakes or other water bodies then we would recommend that you go kayaking because it is the best recreational activity there is. Kayaking refers to an activity in which you travel through water in a kayak.

So the question here is where to find a kayak and the answer to that is that you can find kayaks either online or in stores that sell watercrafts. Before you go kayaking, you should get to know your kayak better so let us begin.


There are 3 different hulls that you can find on a kayak and each type is responsible for the stability of the kayak and some other important functions. The three types of hulls are flat rounded and v-shaped. The first one is the flat bottomed hull which can commonly be found in recreational kayaks as it is great for the primary stability in calm waters. The second hull is the rounded one which is a part of touring kayaks as they are great for fast speed kayaking and are easy to maneuver. The third and last type of hull is the v-shaped one and it is quite famous with people who wish to kayak for longer distances. Even though it might not be initially stable but the stability improves a great deal after a while.


The cockpit can either be small or large and you can choose one according to your preference. The small cockpit is often preferred by people as it offers a safer seating option and the person holds better control over the kayak while sitting in a small cockpit. The large cockpit is preferred by people who just wish to stay in calm waters, need a lot of storage and occupy more space.