Techniques And Methods to Use For Managing Clinomania

For all the people who have difficulty in getting out of bed because of tiredness and sleepiness that they feel to the point that it is affecting your personal and professional life then you might have something that we call as clinomania. If you have never heard of this term before then we would like to inform you all that clinomania is psychological and happens due to fluctuating levels of the neurotransmitter that is known as serotonin. There are a few techniques and methods through which you can manage clinomania somehow. Of course if the severity of the condition has increased over time then you need to go to a therapist or a psychiatrist for evaluation so that they can start the clinomania treatment. Following are some of the techniques and method for managing clinomania, check them out below.

Setting Up Alarms

Although this might seem like an ordinary thing to do, setting up an alarm on multiple intervals and different devices help. Especially if you find it extremely difficult to wake up to alarms, try to use alarms that have problem solving skills or need a mathematical equation that needs to be solved before it shuts off, if you use such alarms then you are likely to wake up and not have a foggy brain. Of course even this can fail you have to use some other techniques along with this one.

Bathroom Breaks

Another method is by drinking a bottle of water before sleeping, this will ensure that you wake up in the middle of the night and have frequent bathroom breaks which will keep you from staying in bed as well. Doing this during the day also helps because then there will be compulsion to get out of bed more frequently.