Step by Step Process of Teflon Coating on Vehicles

The term Teflon coating which is also known as antirust coating is a coating or thin layer of substance applied on the body and underbody of the car. The main chemical component present in Teflon coating is known as synthetic fluoropolymer and has the property of nonstick and is known to decrease the amount of friction produced by any machine because of the smoothness of the Teflon layer. Now with the intro of PTFE & Teflon® Coatings out of the way we will now be talking about some other things that you should know about Teflon coatings, once you have all the information about Teflon you will now be able to understand the process of it better. The reason for using these coatings under the paint or polish of the cars is so that they have a smoother surface which is shiny as well, and that is why the shine on brand new cars is so vivid. If you recoat your vehicle in Teflon, chances are that it will also make sure that all the minor scratches also disappear with it. With that out of the way, we will now be moving on to some of the steps involved in the process of Teflon coating on vehicles. Following are some of the steps involved in Teflon coating of vehicles, check them out below.

Step No. One

The first step in Teflon coating is the most basic step that is done in just about any of the processes that involves a vehicle i.e. washing. You need to clean the surface of your car, an ideal way of doing so would be by going through a carwash facility.

Step No. Two

The next step involves wiping away the moisture from the washing and drying it down.