Encouraging Imagination in Play

Being a parent is by no means an easy job, regardless of whether you are a stay-at-home parent or have a full-time job to handle along as well, it doesn’t make the struggle any less valid. Children require a lot of energy and attention and it can get exhausting overtime and then you end up overwhelming yourself and this is where indifference kicks in. This is why it is essential to not lose your identity after having children, but that’s a topic for another day.

It is really easy to keep children busy by handing them electronic devices but that isn’t good because they aren’t using their imagination enough then. It is very important for children to maintain and have good imagination since it promotes not just creative thinking, but also their problem solving skills. Role playing is an important aspect of play that needs to be encouraged. It is even better if you as a parent actively involve yourself in the role play from time to time.

You can role play any scenario that you want which you feel that your child might enjoy or you can let your child choose themselves. You can then be more creative and add props and costumes if you want to. For example, if you are role playing as pilots, you can add props like a wooden sword, eye patches, a pirate spyglass etc. some people choose to make everything themselves, those that don’t have the time or skills can just buy them easily. The point of this entire set up and work is not only to give your children a “good childhood,” that is a part of it, but your main goal is keep your child stimulated and happy in a way that promotes better mental and cognitive wellbeing.